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nov 09

Quick Website Updates for SEO Efficiency

The whole point of maintaining a website is to attract visitors to your business. Since a major way potential customers find your website is through search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. it is important to design your site in such a way that ensures high ranking on these search engines. The most popular […]

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nov 04

Improve Usability of Your Website

Many business owners get caught up in the design of their website–flashy and innovative and lots of options–but having so many effects are useless if the visitor cannot find what they are looking for.  Here are four tips to help you create not only a well designed website, but a user-friendly website too. Typography The […]

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oct 31

Ways to Improve Sales Through Your Website

As many experienced online retailers know, the more visitors you draw to your site, the more sales you are likely to make. But there are also ways to boost your sales without necessarily increasing the number of visitors to your site. Be Personal People respond to personal connections.  Visitors are more likely to purchase what […]

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oct 27

Steps to Selecting and Using the Right Keywords for Your Site

When developing your SEO strategy, keywords are the glue that holds everything together.  All that you do reverts back to keywords, so selecting the most suitable keywords will yield the best results.  But what are the most suitable keywords?  Here are three tactical suggestions to help select the best keywords for your target market. Step […]

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may 19

Do You Need to Hire a Web Designer?

I like to go about web design the way I go about fixing a leaky faucet–I could probably do it myself but it’s not always the best choice. I would read multiple articles online, watch some how-to videos on YouTube, ask some friends, then I might try to fix the problem, but most likely this […]

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may 17

Using Free Downloads to Build Your Mailing List

Just like entering your information for rewards points and discounts at retail stores, websites are providing users free downloads which serve to gather their information. At Spark Launch we call this a website conversion. Many businesses are creating and expanding their mailing lists through these free downloads. Such a targeted list of prospects is a […]

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